Individual Test Prep


At PDX Tutoring Solutions, we give our clients the tools to maximize their test-taking potential. With our experienced, patient tutoring style, we are confident that we can help students improve their scores and succeed.

We utilize a multifaceted approach that includes content review, development of test-taking strategies, and skills coaching in order to address unique facets of the test-taking process. We customize test preparation for each student by incorporating their existent strengths and focusing on specific areas of needs.

Group SAT/ACT Prep Sessions

Group SAT/ACT Prep sessions occur at various times throughout the year at our Lake Oswego office. We use these sessions to review essential test content and to teach test-taking strategy and technique to give students the confidence they need for test day. During each session in the four week block, students participate in short, guided test-taking experiences to assess and strengthen their skills in specific subject areas. We focus on maintaining small group sizes of five to ten students in order to allow for individual attention.

The full ACT/SAT Prep group session course typically occurs over four consecutive Saturdays, with each Saturday having a unique subject focus area. Students are able to register for the full four week package or for individual group sessions, depending on their range of interest and availability. Please take a look at our calendar to see our upcoming group session schedule as well as upcoming standardized test dates.